Our Story So Far

Our story is one filled with God’s divine appointments, miraculous coincidences and provisions. Till today we’re still amazed and astonished at how all these have unfolded. To God be all the glory!

2000 - 2008: early days

In the beginning of 2000, God prompted a stirring in the heart of pastor Ken Teo as he was heading back from Medan, Indonesia to serve in Riverlife Church in Singapore. This prompting led in 2004, to pastor Ken meeting up with the Senior Pastor of Evangelical Community Church Inc. (ECCI), Blackburn South through divine intervention.  Together with Pastor Geoff & Ava Stafford and others, a new partnership was established to plant a new church (“ECC Casey”)in the southeastern corridor of Melbourne.  This work commenced in January 2005, with the first home-group of 6 adults and one child established in July 2005.

The numbers attending gradually grew until it was necessary to have larger premises. Our first Sunday evening service was held at Brentwood Park Community Centre in Berwick in March 2006. There was a sense that evening of something being birthed that will count for eternity.

2008: birthing of Casey Life International Church

Casey Life International Church was formally "birthed" on 16 March 2008 with pastor Ken Teo serving as our founding and Senior Pastor. Not long after, through the  miraculous provision of the Lord, we were able, in August 2009,  to purchase our own church building here at 23- 25, Intrepid Street, Berwick.  

2011: a new name

On May 2011, Casey Life International Church became CLIC Church as we rebranded ourselves for the new season that God has brought us into – embracing His people, equipping and empowering them for what God has called them to do.

2019: a new season, the baton is passed

In 2018/2019, our founding pastor Ken Teo was sensing the prompting of the Lord to concentrate on a ministry with passion for Missions, Leadership and Church Planting for the next generation. This in-turn led to the establishment of Re-Gen Ministries to serve as a vehicle for him.

And so, in November 2019, the baton was passed to pastor Kenny Koay who was commissioned as our new Senior Pastor. Pastor Kenny serves along with his wonderful family - his wife - Sin Kiew and their three children- Timothy, Isabel and Zachary.

2020 - 2021: a new challenge

In 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions came into effect, The Lord challenged us to start a Mandarin language service to meet the needs of the Chinese speaking community in Casey. Through the mercy, grace and enabling of our heavenly Father, this service has grown, and continues to grow.

We were challenged to build upon what has gone before, to stay "close to the Ark of the LORD" and to "paddle as one". In other words to know the presence of the LORD and the unity that comes from our heavenly Father. It was a period of re-articulation of our vision to be a:



2022: a call to "trust & obey", new frontiers

At the start of 2022, there was a strong sense of a call from the Lord to "Trust and Obey" and for an emphasis on faith and prayer. This sense was re-enforced by the preaching of the Word especially from the book of Joshua, and that we needed to "cross the Jordan". Subsequently, following a series of remarkable "coincidences", our English service transitioned on the 5 June to Federation University's Berwick campus in order to accomodate our growing English congregation.

The Mandarin Service continued to meet at our CLIC building at Intrepid Street, along with our services for our Children, Youth, and Young Adults ministries.

It was a time of growth and much encouragement as the Lord continued to stretch us through His Word as we learnt to entrust ourselves to Him through everything.

2023: the journey continues

Our journey continues as the Lord continues to speak through Joshua 1: 7 -9....

...and you are invited to come journey with us. We would love to have you journey with us serving in God’s kingdom together.  We cannot wait to see what God will do in our journey with Him.