We are a contemporary intentional disciple making family church that is for all people group, tongue, tribe and nation. CLIC is relational and diverse for all people and nationalities! It is not just a church but a family! As a family church for all, we are “Embracing & Empowering”

CLIC is passionate about Missions to reach the communities of the world starting with the community in the City of Casey. CLIC welcomes all to be part of this growing intentional disciple making family church. Regardless of your background and the stage of your spiritual journey, the embracing culture of CLIC welcomes you into the family. CLIC would like to journey with you by empowering you and your family to be all that God has destine you to be.


23 -25 Intrepid St,

Berwick, VIC 3806

Our Sunday Celebration meeting is contemporary in nature, spirit led and in a relaxed, informal style. You’ll experience God’s life-transforming power, receive practical life-application messages and develop meaningful friendships. We have families, youth, young adult and children’s ministry. There’s prayer for healing and ministry for personal needs as well.

Do drop by and pay us a visit at our 1030am Sunday Celebration meeting at CLIC Life Centre, 23 Intrepid Street, Berwick. There is light refreshment for fellowship after every Sunday Celebration Meeting. We’ll be excited to meet you and love to get to know you more! Please feel free to review our PURPOSE STATEMENT to get a clearer understanding of why we do the things we do. You may also read about our BRIEF HISTORY!. You may also call us at the CLIC Church’s office at (03) 9769 5999



Sermons are regularly updated, so please check this space for new sermons. Past archives are also found here.

Join us Every Sunday at 10.30am for our morning service. We looked forward to seeing you!

Our Purpose Statement can be found here. Please click here to find out why we do the things we do!